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God Rock DVD - Digital Download for iPads and Computers

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God Rock CD/MP3 Album
God Rock Songbook 

God Rock DVD


At last, Colin's hit album God Rock comes to life on DVD! Rock on with the band, head bush with Survival Man, watch Colin battle it out to on Super Chef (with special guest Masterchef winner Kate Bracks!), cheer the underdogs in God United and pull some sick skate moves as you Kick It! Flip It! Sing along with Colin as he brings deep truths from God's Word to his craziest, funniest, catchiest DVD yet (and keep an eye out for Colin's puppet pal, Nudge! He keeps popping up!) 

Bonus features include Behind the Scenes, Bloopers & Funny Bits, Colin's 2007-12 UK tour video some special Colin surprises!

Multi region format.


This is in MOV format which is compatible with IPADs, Laptops and Computers

Chapter Index

1. Opening Titles 16. Super Chef

2. God Rick Intro With Mrs Collywobbles 17. Nudge's School of Music

3. God Rock 18, Birds Were made For Flying

4. Introducing Nudge BONUS BITS

5. Survival Man Intro 1. Behind The Scenes

6. Survival Man 2. Bloopers & Funny Bits

7.The Armour Of God Intro with Nudge 3. The Brainstorm

8.The Armour Of God 4. Oops! Forwards

9. God United Intro 5. Time Lapse Graffiti Artwork

10. God United 6. Colin's Slideshow(For Busy People)

11. Nudge's Memory Verse Machine(Roman's 10:9) 7. He Died Upon the Cross 2001-2012

12. God never Says Oops 8. Colin In Tanzania

13. Intro To Kick It! Flip It! 9. Colin In The UK

14. Kick It! Flip It! 10. Other DVD's from Colin

15. Super Chef intro


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