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Jesus Rocks The World CD

Available as a CD album, complete MP3 album or choose from individual MP3 tracks, including backing tracks. 

Also available:
Jesus Rocks The World DVD
Jesus Rocks The World Songbook

Jesus Rocks The World DVD digital download for iPads and computers

Jesus Rocks The World" is the much-anticipated follow-up to Colin's wildly successful "10, 9, 8...God is Great".

With trademark fun and lively music, Colin brings us a new collection of songs and memory verses to challenge, teach and encourage young and old alike with truths from God's Word. Whether it's the mayhem of "The Chooky and Her Chickies", the catchy "Hooley Dooley Wop Bam Boom!", the instantly memorable "Ho Cha Cha - John 14:6" or the rocking "Passing Through", with "Jesus Rocks The World" Colin once again delivers another AUSSIE PRAISE for kids™ album chock full of Biblical truth and infectious musical energy.



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