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Jesus Rocks The World DVD - Digital Download for iPads and Computers

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Jesus Rocks the World CD

Jesus Rocks The World DVD

Now this amazing album explodes onto DVD with all the colour energy and fun that made "10,9,8God is Great" a hit with kids of all ages. With an uncompromising heart for sharing Christian truth, Colin bounces,dances and rocks his way through a new bunch of catchy memory verses and songs.  With the help of Junkyard Jim, Fisherman Hamish McGibb, Ug the Caveman and a host of other pals, Coli teaches that lasting love, hope and flory are found in the sovereign Jesus alone.  DVD bonus features include "Behind The Scenes", "Dreaming the DVD", a special "On the Road" Australia-wide video diary - plus a surprise or two!

This is in MOV format which is compatible with IPADs, Laptops and Computers



Menu 1 - Chapter Markers 15. Things of The Lord

1. Titles 16. Puppets Intro

2. JRTW 17. You Were Bought (1 Cor 6:19+20)

3. Love The Lord Intro 18. Hasta la Vista (1 Thess 5:14-15)

4. Love the Lord (Hey Hey) 19. Behind the Scenes

5. One Way - Hoo Cha Cha Intro 20. Colin's Other DVDs

6. Hoo Cha Cha (John 14:6)

7. Reel 'Em In intro MENU 2 - Chapter Markers

8. Reel 'Em In 'On The road'

9. Out Of Tune With God 1. Melbourne

10. Jesus Saves 2. Longreach

11. Strong & Courageous Intro 3. Queensland

12. Strong & Courageous 4. Nhulunbuy (Gove), NT

13. The Chooky & her Chickies 5. Outtakes and Bloopers

14. Let Him Who Boast 6. Dreaming Up The Video

(1 Cor 1:30+31)


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