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 For over a decade, Colin Buchanan has been a regular panelist on ABC Sydney 702 Drive's weekly satirical comedy roundup "Thank God It's Friday", the brainchild of top-rating drive radio presenter/writer/journalist Richard Glover.  The TGIF concept was simple - Richard would ask leading questions of a panel of comics who would attempt to be as funny as possible, providing a light-hearted cap-off to the broadcasting week.  What began as Colin's occasional contribution of a purpose-built song quickly became an expectation of host - and audience - alike.  Armed with his guitar and not much notice, Colin's unique, quirky, amusing and, at times, poignant tunes have become a fixture of what is a Sydney radio institution.  "The TGIF Songs of Colin Buchanan" is an opportunity to relive the moment these new songs were released to the world, a 2 CD collection of Colin's warts-and-all, free-falling live performances captured alongside his fellow panelists and in front of the TGIF studio audience as they were broadcast live across Sydney and accross the state.  It's a unique album, bearing testimony not only to Colin's diverse songwriting and his place in the wider music industry, but to his impressive ability to deliver crushingly bad puns with total conviction - all with no safety net!  

2 CD album includes "Dad Jokes", "Be My Friend (The Facebook Song)", "Who'll Save NSW?", "I've Got The Perfect Mother", "My HSC" and the tasteful "Nose Picking Song".

CD 1 song titles

1.    Be My Friend

2.    Animal DNA

3.    Dad Jokes

4.    Who'll Save NSW?

5.    Dramas at Iguana's

6.    Where Have All The Prophets Gone?

7.    Bin Laden Vs Will & Kate (Stop Trying To Take Me To Abbottabad)

8.    Drown The Lot In Sauce

9.    It's All Underwear To Me

10.  Send The Australians Home

11.  Bee-Bah (Justin Beiber Song)

12.  Lotto Wrecked My Life

13.  Chk! Chk! Boom!

14.   Movie Love

15.   I've Got The Perfect Mother

16.   Big Banana Rap

17.    Everyone's Better Than You

18.    My Kinda Queen

19.    Get Yourself aBillboard

20.    Oh-Bah-Mah

21.    Tell The Truth

22.    Leave Her Alone

23.    Like A Feather

CD 2 song titles

1.    K. M. Rudd

2.    The 7 Billionth Homo Sapien

3.    Second Hand Carr

4.    I Don't Like Public Lickers

5.    Death By Catalogue

6.    Aussie Christmas Medley - Intro We 3 Kings of Bankstown Square

7.    Aussie Christmas Medley - Frosty the Yobbo / Santa Clause Has Got a New Truck / Aussie Jingle Bells

8.    My H.S.C.

9.    Shane Butchers Stuff

10.   Tasty, Greasy, Cheap 'n' Easy

11.    Nose Picking Song

12.    It's The Shire

13.    I Want To Love America

14.    Biggest Loser (Sole Survivor)

15.    Machines

16.    Sydney's My Home

17.    Finance Report Songs

18.    In 2056

19.    Money Only Brings You Misery

20.    School's a Dangerous Place

21.    Hatchback Girls

22.    Beconsfield (Beconsfield mine collapse April 2006)

23.    Goodbye Crocodile Hunter (Steve Irwin Tribute)


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